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there and get to work to make sure that this bill does not pass to save america? what are going to do? we are counting on you. there are only so many of us here that can stop this bill. we count on the american people to make phone calls to tell your neighbors. if you are in church, at the grocery store, or a gas station, you have to talk. we only have hours, but the destiny of this country is in your hands. >> a gentleman who has been working diligently for freedom, mr. kevin brady from texas. >> you are the cavalry. i don't know about you, but standing here on the capitol steps, can you feel the arrogance? can you fill the arrogance of that capital and this white house? how dare you question their health care bill? how dare you want to read their health care bill? we are here today to stop this, but not just that. when history writes the story of this debate, when our children ask where we stood, let them say we stood for less government, less taxes, and more freedom. with your help, we will deliver that for our kids. god bless you. >> texas' is full of wonderful patriots. >> thank you
but oppression across the world. america is the country for good and freedom. and justice. that is america. when we came down to this final hour, as the clock is ticking 11:59 on this health care reform, speaker pelosi is poised with her health care bill to take over 18% of the american economy. come on, don't hold back, tell them how you really feel. my colleagues and i that are gathered on these steps, last week, we were trying to discover -- >> kill the bill! kill the bill! >> and that is exactly what you're going to tell them. that is exactly the message. my colleagues and i last week were trying to figure out what we could do, because quite simply, the republicans don't have the votes to kill this bill. every lever of power is controlled by one party in the sea. we knew that we were limited. but what we knew was on limited -- was unlimited is the voice of the american people. that is why you're here with your voice of persuasion. last friday, we issued a very simple challenge, and we said this. we will be here on the steps of the united states capitol. for anyone who can make it, please com
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> shooting spree. soldiers targeted in a place they're supposed to be safe. this morning, new information about the carnage at america's largest military base. >>> lone suspect. an army major accused of the attack. new video of him hours bore the shooting started. >>> plus, the wounded. the young men and women who survived. faces of a tragedy. >> it's friday, november 6th, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us on this friday. as you may know, top government officials have long feared military bases could be targets. but few expected this. a brutal attack on soldiers by a soldier, whose job is to counsel soldiers. >> we learned more overnight about the shootings at ft. hood, texas. shooting suspect, major hasten nidal, survived shots by police. he is under military guard. we have also confirmed he was to be deployed to iraq. 12 peel were killed, 31 injured. >> we have several reports this morning. viviana hurtado has more on the suspect. but we start with diana alvear. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. shock over what
of america, know very few details at this time. here is what we do know about our cousin. nidal was an american citizen. he was born in arlington, virginia, and raised here in america. he attended local high schools and eventually went onto attend virginia tech. we are filled with grief for the families of today's victims. our family loves america. we are proud of our country and saddened by today's tragedy. because the situation is still unfolding, we have nothing else that we are able to share with you at this time. and that is the end of the statement. and horribly sad time for this family as you heard. and still unfolding today. we have seen ny san's come hasan's neighbors come out. what made hasan possibly snap and he has deep routes here as we've mentioned. -- roots here as we've mentioned. he's a licensed psychiatrist. the police have been talking with the family and they also say through them they're just not ready to go on camera to talk with us. >> again, they're just trying to find out what happened and what is going on and they're upset and don't want to address the
) the contour meter, only from bayer. it's a race. and first prize is the future. some say america can't win. that we've had our time. but here's what they don't understand: it's not america that will run this race... it's americans. 300 million of us. free to compete... free to out-work, out-think, out-dream anne, anywhere. free enterprise. it's how we unleash the power of 300 million individual economies. washington may help in times of trouble... but free enterprise is what america is counting on to grow our economy for the long-term. our challenge: create 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. and your dreams make the difference. the race for the future starts now. join it. because america's here to win. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. >>> milwaukee health officials say they will not be using 900 doses of the swine flu vaccine because they were stolen for a while. they arrested a man that stole the doses of last night. police are looking for two other suspects. >>> you will be able to get swine flu vaccines around the area tomorrow, but only if you are in a highrisk
america is under attack from without and from within. when you see the mountains of debt we are putting on our grandchildren, the bailouts, the so-called stimulus, cap and trade, and now pelosi care, this is an attack on america and our freedom. there is nothing about adding hundreds of billions in new taxes that is health care reform. massive new government regulations is not health care reform. rationing of health care is not health care reform. bureaucracy, telling doctors what they can do as they treat patients is not health care reform. public funding of abortion is not health care reform. so thank you for coming to washington.
that the president's own economic adviser has said 5.5 million jobs in america are going to be destroyed. people are going to be put out of work because of that tax burden that's placed on small business. . this whole bill is going to destroy america. it's going to destroy everything we have in america. i recently, let me tell you a little story, just recently, mr. speaker, i was recently talking to one of the blue dog democrats and i said, show me in this document where nancy pelosi has the constitutional authority to take over the health care system in america. he cannot because this is absolutely unconstitutional. i yield back. mr. gingrey: he couldn't do it. i appreciate the gentleman for yielding back. mr. speaker, i know we just have a few minutes left and we're going to try to wrap this up. i want to make a few other points because this bill that we're talking about, this 3962 that we'll be voting on saturday, this massive increase in bureaucracy, when it came through the energy and commerce committee, i counted 53 czars. i think we're up to 120 now. but the most egregious of all the czar
about his opposition to america's wars and what could have motivated them to attack his fellow soldiers. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. he's an army psychiatrist deeply opposed to america's wars and now accused of committing one of the worst attacks ever at a military base on u.s. soil. tonight, we're learning more about major nidal mailk hasan who authorities say opened fire on fellow soldiers at fort hood in killeen, texas, yesterday. this was a day of mourning at the base where 12 soldiers and one civilian were killed in the massacre at a soldier readiness center. some were about to deploy overseas, others had just returned home. authorities now say 34 people were wounded, including hasan, who was initially counted among the dead. he's in critical but stable condition and has been moved to the brook army medical center in san antonio. thisa day of mourning at fort hd which has seen many of its soldiers head off to war never expecting to be attacked on their own base. our team of correspondents is coveri
[ sirens ] >>> good morning, america. on this friday, november 6th, 2009. attack on ft. hood. 13 dea 30 wounded. a u.s. army major reportedly turning his weapon on fellow soldiers, their families, >> in a horrific outburst of violence. >> around ft. hood and the nation, the questions. why did this happen? who is the shooter? chris cuomo, live on the scene, answers to the tragedy. a special edition of "good morning america" begins now. >>> and good morning, to all of you. i'm diane sawyer, with robin roberts here in new york. and chris cuomo is standing by live in ft. hood to bring us the latest. the attack, this world's largest military post. and one big question, the motive for the shootings? investigators are saying this morning they do not believe it was an act of organized terrorism. >> let's bring up to speed on what we know right now. the suspect is identified at 39-year-old army major nidal malik hasan. he was also getting ready to deploy to iraq. authorities say hasan used 2 handguns to kill 13 people, wound 30 others. he was originally thought to be among the dead. but h
for "good morning america." you can always get the latest updates any time on with the latest information, the newest information as soon as it becomes available. we'll post it for you. >>> if you are breek or love baklava, you should head to baltimore this weekend because the greek festival kicks off today. it features great food, great music, dancing, even a european market mace. it kicks off at 11:00 and ends at 11:00 tonight. saturday it runs from 11:00 to 11:00 and then on sunday it is from noon until 6:00. >>> she's been a telephone operator at st. joseph's hospital for 24 years. her co-workers decided to surprise her for her 90th birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday ♪ [music] ♪ >> carolyn didn't know the plans they had in place until they walked in and saw the party. she came to st. joseph's shortly after she retired as a different job as a telephone operator. since then she drives to work every day and has not missed within day of work according to co-workers. yesterday's surprise was something carolyn appreciated. >> i've sure enjoyed my 24 ye
of improvement in the u.s. economy. erika miller reports. >> reporter:ne out of every n workers in america is not working. and not by choic today's data show almost6 million of peoe are looking for jobs a harsh rinder of the painaused by the great recession. economist bre kasman warns thgs are likely to get worse. >> i think it's a asonable chance that byhe time the labor market reaches its wor point, we are actuly going to have t worst labor market that we've had in the united ates since the eat depression. and that's aretty sobering reity. >> reporter:peaking of sobering, by oneeasure, the jobless rate is actual closer to 17.5% that'she figure, if yo include rt-timers who would rather be full-time and ople so discoured looking for work, they've given up. however, today's rort did have somelimmers hope. though the ecomy lost 190,000 jobsast month, that's still well bel january's peak. economt milton ezrati says the creation of 34,000 temporary potion in october is also a positive sign. >> what happens is--t a turn in the enomy-- and there's good evidence that we are seng a turn towargrowt
americans to demonstrate what is best again about america organization nation's ability to remain unified and united in times of crisis. >> the muslim american seat also sent a letter of condolences to the commander of ft. hood. in a few minutes at 10:00 a.m., congressman carson of indiana and keith ellison will join thermous lick public affairs council to condemn the shooting and mourn the lives lost at ft. hood. it will be at the united methodist building at 110 maryland avenue northeast. stay with us for continuing coverage of the story. right now on our website, read more about what happened. get reaction from captiol hill and leave your thoughts. the story is on our front page. >>> in other news, no change though this week's h1n1 clinics in the district because of overwhelming demand tomorrows clinics will run from 8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. instead of being open until 4:00. in looburg, virginia there is a clinic tomorrow at smarts mill middle school. it will focus on pregnant women, children two 20 2:00 to nine years of age and children with medical disorders. >>> tomorrow, congress is sch
on earth. coming up at 8:00. >>> and first holly is checking out the miss black america pageant and we'll talk with her next. si ge breakfast doesn't really start until the grands are on the table grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? hoo-hoo! make breakfast grand. >>> the miss black america competition itaking place tomorrow right here in our area. >> well this morning holly is with the contestants as they are getting ready for their big event. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this pageant has been going on for more than 40 years and you know who competed in 1972, take a guess. she didn't get very far. but she went on to be relatively successful. >> i have no idea, holly. >> one oprah winfrey. does that name ring a bell? >> reporter: so let me tell you all of the women that compete are very qualified and they're futures are bright. this is a long going pageant but this year it's more important. they are experiencing a rebirth on purpose and natalie williams who is the president of ms. black america is here to tell us why. good morning t >> good morn
lives begin. madam speaker, god cannot continue to bless america while we are killing 4,000 babies every day through abortion. he just cannot and will not because he's a holy righteous god. he tells us in jeremiah he knows us before we are ever knit together in our mother's womb. we've got to stop abortion. we've got to stop this bill that's going to continue to fund abortions with taxpayers' dollars. the future of our america depends upon it. right to life is absolutely the central part of liberty and freedom in america. madam speaker, we cannot lose that right. and i yield back. mr. smith: dr. gingrey. mr. gingrey: madam speaker, i thank the gentleman for yielding. we were on the floor last night and a gentleman, democratic side, part of the majority, in their hour, mr. grayson, talked about the number of lives that were lost or being lost in every congressional district across this country because of a lack of health insurance. i tried, last night i asked the gentleman to yield to a friendly question, and my question was going to be, representative, are you pro-life or pro-choice on t
and ultimately we will craft a bill that will secure america's economic end and environmental future for generations. i'm pledged to that. >> senator baucus, thank you so much. any colleagues wish to be heard? >> thank you very much, madam chair, and thank you again for your determination through this process. we know how important this big is. and i will be voting to report this bill out of committee, but as i said yesterday, i have a number of amendments that i'm frustrated i wasn't able to introduce because of the procedural barriers put up here by the fact our colleagues have not come to the table. as we discussed we have not seen this on other committees with controversies over bills. this is what they have chosen to do. i will say that yesterday senator graham and carrie lieberman discussed the work they're doing on this bill, on the major energy bill and i don't think that what has happened here today is any indication of when we're going to see in the future, with many of our colleague who is with willing to come forward to work on this. among the amendments that i feel is ve
to insurance. we don't have two political parties in this country, america. we have one party called the big government party. the republican wing likes deficits, war and assaults on civil liberties. the democratic wing likes wealth transfer, taxes and assaults on commercial liberties. both parties like power, and neither is interested in your freedom. think about it. government is the negation of freedom. freedom is your power and ability to follow your own free will and your own conscience. the government wants you to follow the will of some faceless bureaucrat. when i recently asked congressman james clyburn, the third ranking democrat in the house, to tell me where in the constitution the federal government is awghtsized to regulate everyone's healthcare, he replied that most of what congress does is not authorized by the constitution but they do it anyway. there you have it. congress recognized no limits on its power. it doesn't care about the constitution. it doesn't care about your inalienablites. it doesn't care about the liberties protected by the bill of rights t doesn't even read
. hood in texas that's left 13 people dead, 30 wounded on the biggest military base in america. the gunman, allegedly an army psychiatrist. we'll get an update on that story coming up in just a couple of minutes. >>> and also this morning, we're going to tackle a topic that i think a lot of people think about a lot, and that is the topic of stress. if you feel it, you're not alone, of course. we're going to talk about the role stress plays in your life and even in the lives of your children. you might be surprised to hear what they worry about. and we'll, of course, be finding out how to alleviate this anxiety. dr. nancy snyderman is going to be weighing in. >> okay. >>> then later on, if you're not feeling the love you felt when you said ""do," help is on the way. we'll have four secrets to bringing the bliss back to your marriage. >>> and then, to "today's kid reporters." on thursday we visited with the four finalists and we give them the first reporting opportunity today. you see this big book across the plaza? each contestant has to do a story on that book, which you'll be
blood and the injured are being treated. america at war in iraq and afghanistan for eight years now, is shocked. >> these are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> this is the suspect, major nidal malik hasan. he's a 39-year-old army psychiatrist born in virginia. his parents moved to the u.s. from a palestinian town near jerusalem. he joined the army aer high school, trained at its medical school, and became a psychiatrist. he went on to treat troops returning from comb in iraq and afghanistan. he's described as a devout muslim who attended daily prayers at a mosque when he worked at the walter reed army medical center in washington, d.c. relatives say he was about to be sent to either iraq or afghanistan, and he didn't want to go. a former neighbor described him as friendly and talkative. >> i talked to him ever
and on "america this morning" and "good morning america" today on abc news. >>> tomorrow, house democrats plan to vote on their trillion dollar health care reform bill. they also claim they have enough support to pass it. one thing is clear, opponents are not going down without a fight. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: the town hall fury of august has come to capitol hill. >> madam speaker, throw out this bill! >> reporter: thousands of demonstrators rallied on the capitol steps and stormed the halls of congress, ripping up pages of the democratic health care plan and chanting "kill the bill." several were arrested near speaker pelosi's office. and outside, defiant house republican leaders. >> this bill is the greatest threat to freedom that i have seen in the 19 years i've been here in washington. >> not one republican will vote for this bill. >> reporter: and angry protesters. >> this health care bill, it's a disaster. 2,000 pages of crap. >> i don't believe that i should have to take care of somebody else's health. take care of your own health. >> it's going to devastate america. >> repor
states of america, 50,000 soldiers live and train here. they send troops to afghanistan. they send troops to iraq. more iraq casualties came from this one base than any other base in the entire u.s. military system. they are very accustomed to sending soldier in the to harm's way. this is the headline this morning, i cankilleen "daily herald," massacre on post. a mill taken man who trained here himself is with us now for the very latest on post here at ft. hood. don, good morning. >> reporter: no several hour military officials told us that the suspected gunman was dead. we now know he is very much alive and hos hospitalized with gunshot wounds. what we don't mow for certain is yes started shooting. for dozens of unarmed soldiers at a ft. hood medical processing center it was an afternoon of horror. at about 1:30 thursday military officials say 39-year-old army major nidal made heek hassan walked in to a waiting room and opened fire with two nonmilitary hand guns randomly shooting soldiers in one building and then walking in to an adjacent building and shooting a
great prosperity to america and give us an opportunity to really innovate. cneil: but they are not above looking into your business or antitrust issues because a lot of folks are saying you're getting too big. >> we expect that, and the regulators have a job to do, and we expect an artist in the u.s. but also in europe. from our perspective, in terms of my message to the administration, it is really about innovation. google is an example of a company that can help invent new industries in america, can really bring jobs back, can really bring the kind of america that all of us want to be part up. advanced manufacturing, biotech, and the other things america is a world leader in. investments there and encouraging the private sector -- that works. neil: the president likes you personally. you are on a variety of his advisory boards. how'd you like him? >> on a personal basis, i like him a lot. very smart. he is a top thinker. one of the things that people did not see on the campaign was have decisive he was. given the set of problems that he has been handed, i think he has been quite decisi
to hurt us, hurt america. that's false. we have a lot of muslims who work in the government, helping the united states, dying for the united states. >> repter: clearly there is more to be learned about this case. more to be known about major hasan. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. >>> some members of hasan's family still live in northern virginia. julie carey is in fairfax county with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: major nadal hasan has a brother and cousin in northern virginia. some came to gather on the home in the baileys crossroads area. the family will not come out to the cameras to make a statement. what they have written makes their thoughts very clear. they call major hasan's actions deplorable and despicable. inside this home, a family in seclusion. they are horrified by the rampage. a statement issued late yesterday by hasan's cousin reads, "we are shocked and saddened by the terrible events at ft. hood. we are filled with grief for the families of today's victim. our family loves america." their dismay is shared by fellow muslims at the nearby mosqu
. our family loves america." at the nearby mosque, hasans are known as successful members of the community, lawyers, bankers, involved in real estate. dr. alshbárz led prayers can express their dismay. >>xd it's tragic to see somebod born and raised in america and somebody who successfully átáár'gs of being in america and became a physician and served his country. yet, you know, he commits such a horrific crime. >> reporter: he spoke of the tragedy at ft. hood in his sermon. he says here in northern virginia, it hits doubly hard. >> we have watched the news with tearful eyes and with concern over the lives of many of our fellow citizens and those affected by the crime. also to recognize it's something that was perpetrated by somebody who potentially had been in our midst and lived in our community is doubly tragic. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, more on this family that has been the picture of american prosperity. julie carey, back to you.ñr >> thank you. virginia tech issued this statement today, saying, quote, virginia tech has confirmed with the united st
which led to the deaths of innocent children? and how can america be silenced of such blatant defiance of not only the rule of law but what is considered decent and moral. this resolution is more than about two human rights activists. this is about a totalitarian system which is so afraid of its own population that it resorts to the harsh and brutal measures to conceal the truth about the deaths of innocent school children. this is about the massive human rights abuses, such as the continued percentcutions of tens of thousands of practitioners, an issue addressed in a resolution which i introduced months ago, but which is yet to reach the floor of this chamber. this is about the continued repression of the weeg you are people and engage in truth dealing with them not only in beijing but in the white house here in washington, d.c. this is about speaking truth to power and president obama during his upcoming summit in china putting human rights and religious freedom issues squarely on the table instead of just agreeing to disagree. mr. speaker, at this time, i would like to yield such ti
as america fights two wars. >> it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: and good evening, everyone. it is the last place you'd expect american soldiers to come under attack-- their own military base-- but that's what happened today at fort hood in kileen, texas, midway between austin and waco. it is america's largest military base. today, according to the army, an officer opened fire inside a soldier readiness center, a facility where military personnel are prosed before and after they're deployed. 12 people were killed, 31 others wounded. the gunman is among the dead. he is identified tonight as army major nadal malik hasan, a licensed psychiatrist and drug and rehab specialist from bethesda, maryland, who recently received a poor performance evaluation. a spokesman for texas matter kay bailey hutchinson says husan was also upset about an upcoming dedeployment to iraq. two other sus
fe>> just minutes ago,'s family released a statement. our family loves america and saddened by today's tragedy. >> today's attack came as a bit of grim irony, as he was a graduate of virginia tech, where 32 people were killed on campus to 0.5 years ago. 13 people were killed at a new york immigrant center in april, and 10 died in alabama when a gunman went on a rampage. >> a local military family speaks with us on how violence of this magnitude on a military base is affecting them. we will continue our team coverage with their reaction. >> ron and raquel thomas have a combined 23 years in the military, and they say they could never imagine something like this happening in the military committee. they say most military family share a love of country. >> it is honor, and this one act does not represent all of us. >> that are both former captains in the army and havelid on military bases around the world. >> there is absolutely a sense of family and safety. >> when they heard a fellow officer is accused of opening fire inside for a good -- >> i was completely shocked. i cannot believe t
of excitement about that one. >> thank you. >>> remember the neil diamond song, they are coming to america? well, they are again. the united states is back on top of the country brand index. the list by the firm's future brand ranks the top international travel destinations, canada second with the upcoming oner olympics cited as the reason followed by australia, new zealand and france. >>> easing the commute. a new plan for the 270 corridor are moving forward. >>> and an upgrade on the marc trains the new thing you will soon be seeing. right now focus on virginia traffic. >>> virginia you are looking nice this morning with clear skies out there. and some chilly temperatures. you are not under the freeze warning in much of virginia. fredericksburg and the northern neck, but you will have that tonight. we are looking at the sun in a few minutes. 40 winchester. ft. belvoir is the cool spot at 35. under sunny and breezy conditions, gainesville this afternoon 52. chantilly 52 and dumfries 54. how are the virginia highways looking. >> not bad. we will begin with the beltway in virginia on the outer lo
area. >>> and's greek to americas and to you, too, if you head to mount vernon this weekend. the taste of the mediterranean, right here in baltimore. >>> taking a look at temperatures now from brooklyn part, 44 degrees, much chillier today. norm is coming one the all- important weekend outlook. ♪ how long is she going to be living here? (mom) give her one of these... (announcer) cheerios, with one single gram of sugar... ahh... hey... (announcer) ...makes for a perfect beginning. maybe we'll keep her. (cheerios spilling) (announcer) how can something so little... do something so big. switch the tv from cable to fios? um. tv looks like new. uh, awesome? actually, i want to talk about how i get $150 back? oh, well you get $150 back if you switch to fios. i was curious why we're listening to customers. oh, boy... seems dumb. (announcer) switch to fios now, and get $150 back. plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. record shows in one room. watch them in up to 6 other rooms. and with 100% fiber optics to your home, you'll get hd picture quality that beats cable in customer satis
think china, india or in pick up steam and doing a very good job. latin america, varies by country. bazz il doing pretty well. mexico tied to the u.s., a little bit more challenging. europe was perhaps the biggest surprise. i felt that europe would lag behind the u.s. by two and maybe three quarters. we saw some good trends in northern europe, southern europe still kind of challenged. >> let me talk to you a little bit about competition. ibm and hewlett-packard used to be sysco partners but not any more. as they try to catch this wave of tech spending, is that going to make things difficult for cisco, are we going to see a clash of the tech titans? >> the exciting thing about what cisco is doing is if you look down to the consumer level we're competing against very good companies like apple. steve jobs actually brought our flip product on stage the other day and said it is the first time he has ever done that and said here say very good company, but we're going to beat them. that is a good compliment and a shot across the bow. you begin to think about where we are going in the data cente
and intimidation in iran. welcome to "bbc world news." broadcast you our viewers in pbs -- on pbs in america. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- the fight at a french tourist attraction. and what will put a smile on the british upper lip? how fighter pilots kept their spirits up during the second world war. hello. lots of questions today, and no real answers as to why an army psychiatrist went on a killing spree against his own comrades. killed 13 -- major nadal malik hasan killed a 13 in fort hood in texas. he has not been killed, contrary to previous reports. he is on a ventilator in hospital. we have this report. >> the sound of the wake up call, as they do every morning, but this was no normal day at fort hood. this was the scene here yesterday. swat teams swarmed across parts of the base, taking cover as panic spread in a place that is meant to be out of harm's way. this is america's biggest military base. it is home to more than 150,000 soldiers and their families. the attack started at 1:30 in the afternoon. target major nadal malik hasan soldiers as they were being checke
heartfelt sympathies. our family loves america. we're proud of our country and saddened by the tragedy. we have nothing else to say -- we have nothing else that we're able to share with you at this time." before that statement was released, the cousin spoke to us last evening. shepard: of their fathers were brothers and he grew up in northern virginia. nadar, thank you. >> yes, hello. shepard: it is my understanding that he had been transferred from walter reed 24 could. do you know why that transfer happened? >> no, i cannot tell you exactly why it happened. it happened back in may of this year. shepard: the reporting is that your cousin had made requests not to be deployed overseas to the war. is that right? >> he has been making those requests since sometime after september 11. shepard: he has been in the military since before 9/11. >> absolutely, right after high school. he is a good american. we are shocked. we just found out on the news that he was being deployed. he never even told us. we have known for the last five years that was probably his worst nightmare. he would tell us how
't believe the video. that is next. america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. >>> two months ago the most heavily scrutinized member of the organization was the quarterback but campbell being on the hot heat seat moved to the back burner thanks to countless controversies this season this organization has managed to manny fest this season. in the final year of his contract the quarterback has slip under the radar. his numbers are slightly below nfl average. his 211 passing yards is ranking him 19th. he doesn't just see it the writing on the wall he hears it. he is highly run likely he will be here next season and asks highway he is h
. hood is america's largest combat military base. thousands of soldiers here have multiple deployments to iraq and afghanistan. some of today's victims may have been preparing to deploy again. >> i'm horrified just like everyone is, and immediately you think of the soldiers who are wounded and dead, their families already under stress because they were processing to deploy. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell nbc news that the suspect nadal malik hasan was a doctor who specialized in mental health disorders and treating combat stress. and he himself may have been preparing to deploy. brian? >> jim miklaszewski starting us off at the pentagon tonight. jim, thanks. >>> and reporter jade mingus of our waco affiliate kcen tv, you saw her briefly in the setup piece, was one of the first reporters on the scene. she's with us from ft. hood. jade, we watched your work live all afternoon. at one point sirens were going on over you. there were reports of gunfire on another corner of the base and reports of 500 armed u.s. troops combing from one side of the grounds to the other. for a while there, n
, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> hello and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. the war in afghanistan and the worsening security sit causing growing concern and debate in this country and beyond. for one thing, the united nations said today that it will temporarily relocate more than half its foreign staff, many hundreds of them, out of the country or to more secure compounds in afghanistan after five of its workers were killed last week. and in the united kingdom, it was the deaths of five british soldiers this week that has shaken public support for the war even more. the troops were gunned down by an afghan policeman. today prompting one british newspaper to ask, what kind of war is this? once again, the war in afghanistan is our lead focus tonight. and we begin with the british view from rags marl of itn. >> killed by an enemy within. from the grenadier guards, sergeant major darren chant, sergeant matthew telford, guardsman, jimmy major. corpo
to spend a lot to have od taste. >>> health care in america, i think we have all heard the system described as inefficient and in some cases unjust. >> women that purchase private insurance might have hit worst of all. caroline lyders has the reasons why. >> we went to the ones that know best. what we heard is that health care is a woman's issue, and what we did is break down the top five reasons why. number one, women are less than men but pay more for private health insurance. >> in about 40 states, companies are allowed to charge more. >> ask this graduate student, she pays $400 for insurance and $200 more for a medication each month. she has been forced to make a choice between health care and homelessness. >> it was either living in a home or paying for health insurance. that is what it has come down to. >> if women pay more for health insurance, it is not because of pregnancy on your most private policies, comprehensive maternity coverage is not even included. when women have a baby, they might be penalized in the future. >> we know women who have had caesarean sections and are told t
morning america" why she took him back, then why she decided to leave. >>> hi. i'm mary j. blige and i had the honor of performing at the first "cnn heroes," an all-star tribute recognizing everyday people who change the world. as president of fawn, i'm dedicating myself to help women reach their full potential in life. now more than ever, the world needs heroes. and i am thrilled to help cnn introduce one of this year's top ten honorees. >> how can i turn my back and walk away and leave you right here? >> you can't. >> i can't, because i know you wouldn't turn your back and leave me. nationwide, veterans are neglected, homeless. unacceptable. what branch of service? >> army. >> army. so was i. we are still brothers in arms. so no man left behind. my name is roy foster, and my mission is to help and empower homeless veterans. if you're going to work for sobriety, you've got to change. stand-down house provides services for veterans only. a safe, clean place to live. all the meals. mental health services. the camaraderie, it is that internal glue. tell him one of his brothers in arms came o
missed me! ah! >> it's going to devastate america. >> reporter: the hastily planned protest true one of the largest crowds in memory for a congressional event. the crowd extends all the way up around to the house side of the capitol building, across to the senate side, literally surrounding the western front of the capitol. while republicans protested, president obama touted two big endorsements of the health care bill. from the aarp and the american medical association. >> i urge congress to listen to aarp, listen to the ama, and pass this reform for hundreds of millions of americans. >> health care for all! >> reporter: much smaller numbers, pro health care reform protesters. >> shame on senator lieberman! >> reporter: were arrested for occupying the office of democrat joe lieberman who said he may join republican efforts to kill the senate bill. speaker of the house pelosi is hoping those ama and aarp endorsements will help her pass the democratic bill in the house by this weekend. but they still don't have the votes yet to do that in an effort to help get them there, presiden
care for america's veterans, our service men and women and their families. the speaker pro tempore: the speaker of the house is recognized. the speaker: thank you very much, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for his kind remarks and i accept them on behalf of the entire house because we have worked in a tireless way on behalf of our men and women in uniform and our veterans. i specifically want to salute to congressman edwards -- chairman edwards' outstanding leadership in that regard and his position as chair of the military construction, quality of life subcommittee of appropriations. mr. speaker, words fail when a tragedy of this magnitude comes in such an unexpected way. someone who had the confidence of the military within his own walls would perpetrate such a tragedy on people whose lives are dedicated to protecting the american people. it was an unspeakable tragedy, of course, to the families, soldiers, civilians and support staff on the base at fort hood, but it was also a wound to our country. our brave men and women in uniform train day in and day out to preserve our sec
for the families of today's victim. our family loves america. we're proud of our country and saddened by today's tragedy. again, because the situation is unfolding we'll have nothing further to say to you at this time. alex trevino has more on this report. >> reporter: our 9 news now crews have seen hasan's cousin to come out a few times and talk to friend and neighbors. many are wondering what caused him to snap he has deep roots here in maryland and northern virginia. he is a psychiatrist from bethesda and worked at walter reed before transfers to ft. hood in july. the police have been talking to the family. through them they say the relatives are not ready to talk on camera about their loved ones. >> they are trying to find out what happened and what is going on and they are upset and don't want to address the media right now. care is worried about a backlash over the massacre at ft. hood. it is believed he is a muslim. care is worried over muslims could be harassed. they issued a statement saying we condemn this cowardly attack and the -- in the strongest terms possible and ask the perpetr
in this time of crisis like the good family that we are, the family of america, that we turn to each other rather than on each other. >> art of the worry is that in the past muscle lick women, anyone wearing a turbine vk victims of violence and mosques have been attacked. we will tell you the precautions they are advising arab americans to take. >>> fort hood is the biggest active duty armored post in the united states. this is just a chunk of the property. we know the shooting happened right here at the soldier development center. we know a graduation ceremony was going on nearby at the hous theater and a cadet shot in the back showed up there a short time later, a first sign something was wrong. if you look you can see five elementary and middle schools a short distance away, about 71,000 people live on the base. nearly 4 #,000 are soldiers and officers. the rest are family members and staff. >>> president barack obama spoke with the commanding officer at fort hood. he expressed condolences and offered help. publicly he called the shootings a difficult outburst of violence. >> it's diffi
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's military tightening security after the worst ever shooting in america history. 13 people are dead after a military psychiatrist opened fire on service people in texas. we have the complete coverage. >> reporter: it's a day of mourning in fort hood texas, scene of the worst shooting spree ever at a military base. >> there was a single shooter shot at the scene. however, he was not killed as previously reported. >> reporter: authorities say he is nidal malik hasan, a psychiatrist about to be ship overseas. he open fire on his fellow comrades. 13 people died. 31 others wounded. >> i just have been nerves on end, trying to figure out what is going on here. >> reporter: officials are trying to make sense of what has happened. why a soldier would turn on his own. >> you don't expect your own battle buddy to do that. >> reporter: he was transferred to fort hood after a poor performance review. he had possible internet posts of suicide bombing and threats. he got into arguments with soldiers who supported the war. >> reporter: it's bad enough when we lose them overseas, it's horrifying they
morning america," coming up at 7:00. chris cuomo brings us stories of the survivors, when he reports live from ft. hood. >>> our coverage conti >>> it isy should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> the deadly aftermath at the shooting of a major army posts. >> we will allow the latest details of the gunman and what prompted the gunfire. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good friday morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. we will have all the news in just a moment. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it is a chilly start. >> ac crisp start this morning. 37 in middleburg. 35 in rockville. a cool start today. nothing but sunshine. a bit breezy. it does get warmer for the weekend. sunshine sticks around. let's check in with lisa baden. montgomery county it still has of the issues. >> it sounds like they may have the computer system repaired. an announcement wa
. the governor could have lost his job, so he needed a christmas tree. the bottom line, america is a pluralistic country. we are multi-ethnic, multi- cultural, -- bill: that is not really true. let me destroy hoover, please. i can do it alone. the polls say 70%, and that is 7-0, they are fed up with this nonsense. they want christmas to be christmas. there is no holiday tree. there is no halloween tree. there is a christmas tree that came from germany, and it is a tradition that americans have and race. 70% of americans want that tradition to stay that way -- and it is a tradition that americans have been embraced. >> it is up to the states, though, bill, and they have to answer to their citizenry. bill: she is a giant pinhead. imposing a ridiculous of view on life on washington. greta: there was a poll last year, remember? bill: they did every nutty thing. greta: they say there is a fear of being sued over these issues -- greta: they say there is a fear of being sued over these issues -- gretchen: they say there is the year. bill-- fear. bill: hoover, are you a fan? a cheerleader goes -- there
medical center in washington. starting at 7:00 on "good morning america," chris cuomo will be live from fort hood. >>> a baltimore city officer is out of the hospital after being stabbed early yesterday morning at a strip club. the officer, who was off duty, shot his attacker. it happened in the parking lot of christina's female review on north point boulevard just after qlozzing time. at this point, it remains unclear what led up to the fight. the officer was stabbed in the back and neck before he fired his weapon. >> the description i had of the man that was shot and from what i saw that night was someone that had not been here before. the officer, i had med. i had met. >> the alleged attacker remains in serious condition. >>> governor martin o'mally could have trouble getting re- elected next year. the poll conducted by a nonpartisan research group shows 39% of maryland voters would re-elect o'mally but 48% would prefer someone new. the poll reveals 38% approve of the job he is doing but 40% disapprove. when asked if the race were between former republican governor bob ehrlich and
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